Vendor Spotlight: Farmers Soapery

Grimm's Indie 2017 Farmers Soapery Love Spell Bar Soap


Founded in 2008, Farmers Soapery is a woman-owned and operated business based in rural northern Missouri. Farmers Soapery offers the public a quality alternative to commercial, mass produced bath and body care.

Grimm's Indie 2017 Farmers Soapery Skull Necklace

Maker of artisan lye soap, unusual bath & body products, candles & tarts, geeky jewelry, altered art, oddities, and whatever else strikes their fancy.

Grimm's Indie 2017 Farmers Soapery Booth

Soap making weirdos!

You can find Farmers Soapery online on their website and Facebook

Vendor Spotlight: Rattlebone Design

20401157_10210898734397858_1867915731_nRattlebone Design creates sustainably sourced handmade jewelry with nature’s curiosities. These bone creations are delightful!

20370564_10210898771518786_1995846540_nSome of the pieces, such as this striking pendant, are nuanced and delicate. The textures of the bone, crystal, and metal draw the eye in a complex but satisfying way.


We are so glad to have Rattlebone Design as part of Grimm’s Indie this year.

Apply now to host a booth and join in the fun!

Vendor Spotlight: Rook and Owl Studio


Sycamore Tree small size

Rook and Owl Studio is a one-person operation producing artwork that is one part goth, one part nerd, and one part trickster for eccentric and curious souls.

The Studio is run solo by Sandy Leppin, a multidisciplinary artist who has worked for years in various theaters across the United States as a scenic designer, scenic artist, and properties artisan. With her extensive background in combining craft and vision, she uses Rook and Owl Studio as a space where history, mythology, humor, and pop culture spark into life through fresh lenses.

Obilito reproduction prints small size