Mission: We are committed to supporting and promoting Kansas City’s ‘new contemporary’ makers in their craft by staging a fair inspired by Halloween and fantasy. KC is known for its support of the arts, and to them we introduce creativity in a new and inspiring way.

Atmosphere: We are “Indie” because we walk the less traveled path and break the mold laid for us by other arts and crafts events. “Grimm” is for Grimm’s Fairy tales, those stories that we were simultaneously scared and dazzled by as children. Grimm’s Indie can’t be summarized with a simple genre, because what can describe the weirdness, the beauty, or the intellectual stimulation of our oldest stories and mythologies? To Kansas City we bring an edgy family-friendly event.

Venue: Historic El Torreon in Midtown has served as the home of artists and rebels since its conception. Numerous R&B and rock artists played within the walls while car shows paraded through the parking lot. El Torreon is a cornerstone of Kansas City and we are proud to host our first Faire inside its walls.


Teigan Hockman

Grimm’s Indie Faire is the brainchild of Teigan Hockman.

She’s found herself involved with charitable activities over the past few, including volunteering with UMKC’s Propel program, at Kansas City Artist’s Coalition art auction, founded the Kansas City chapter of Autistic Self Advocacy Network and as the artistic director for Kansas City Arts for Disabilities.

She is an artist in her own right, learning toward slightly popsurreal illustration. She lettered the first issue of the Prairie City Response comic (written by her spouse, Marshall Edwards) and sold art at Maker’s Fair at Union Station, Kansas City Comic Con, and the Midwest Ability Summit.

Also, she has exhibited art twice with the Expression’s group show hosted by The Whole Person and curated the group art show Serendipity for artists with disabilities at Jones Gallery.

You can find her online on Facebook & Instagram.

Marshall Edwards

Coming soon!